Foreign Skilled Workers BC

foreign skilled workersWe’re always seeking skilled people for jobs in BC.

Foreign Skilled Workers BC (FSWBC) was created as a service to British Columbia Construction Association members, many of whom are already experiencing project delays due to a lack of specialized workers. These employers need people today with the experience and specialized certifications to ensure the projects are completed on time, to expected standard, and with the heightened level of safety that extensive on-the-job experience offers.

FSWBC’s goal is to provide an avenue for these BC employers to access the skilled, experienced workers which the employers have not been able to find locally throughout the usual job posting and hiring process. Foreign workers may ONLY be hired if the Canadian employer has been unable to find someone with the certifications, skills and experience in their area to match a position which they have publicly advertised. In many cases, those employers have been searching for five months or more (18+ months has been reported). The employer is required to show proof of their extensive search during the immigration application process. In addition, BC apprentices can only complete their apprenticeships to become journeypersons if there are the skilled, experienced journeypersons to train them. This is a vital element in the trades training system, and all parts must be in place for the system/cycle to continue – bringing in experienced tradespersons provides that support.

What does FSWBC Do?

  • Continually screens candidate CVs/résumés, compiling information to build a comprehensive database of skilled workers
  • Works as a resource when an employer requests a specific type of worker –
  • FSWBC connects (and acts as intermediary between) employers and potential employees

Coaches members and new hires in the preparation of paperwork required to bring skilled workers into BC

Learn more about FSWBC

Email: [email protected]
Call: 250.475.1077