VRCA Education Committee

The School Outreach Program is run by the VRCA Education Committee.  The Committee consists of a dedicated group of volunteers who feel passionate about advocating for careers in the Construction Trades.

The Committee meets regularly (about 6 times a year) to work toward the following goals:

  • Build success in BC and the construction industry through education
  • Educate public about the construction industry
  • Encourage members to engage with the public and promote the industry
  • Ensure relevant education opportunities are available to members

Are you interested in either joining the Outreach Program to visit a school? Or perhaps join the Education Committee?

If so, please contact us via email [email protected].

VRCA School Outreach Program

The VRCA School Outreach Program is a group of volunteers that visit local schools to engage with students regarding careers in Construction.  Students are not hearing positive messages about the value and variety of careers available in Construction, and these sessions are intended to inform, inspire, and bust myths about our Construction industry.

The school sessions are available for all students no matter their age, and are flexible, so can consist of presentations, activities, showing tools or gear, but always our industry speakers sharing personal stories about their construction careers.

Between November 2016 and June 2018, 14 different schools were visited, 90 classes attended, and almost 3500 students were engaged!