Continuing Professional Development Points for Residential Builders

continuing professional development

What is a CPD point?

A CPD point is a numerical value assigned to the amount of time spent by a CPD participant to satisfy residential building licensing requirements. Various activities generate different amounts of points:

  • 1 hour of formal learning earns 2 CPD points
  • 1 hour of informal learning or research and education development earns 1 CPD point
  • 20 hours of active practice earns 1 CPD point

Point requirements:

  • Forty (40) CPD points are required at each term for license renewal
  • Points can be earned entirely from training or from a combination of active practice, research and education development, and training
  • Maximum 20 points can be claimed in each of active practice or informal learning
  • 21 of 40 points must be in the Group A (Technical Competencies). Therefore, only 19 points can be claimed under Group B (Management Competencies)

Group A (Technical Competencies) include:

  • Relevant Enactments (I.e. Building Code)
  • Construction Management and Supervision
  • Construction Technology
  • Customer Service and Home Warranty

Group B (Management Competencies) include:

  • Financial Planning and Budget Management
  • Legal Issues
  • Business planning, Management and Administration
  • Business Ethics

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