Date: May 2, 2020
Time: 11:00 AM

Session Description:
What’s Your Big Lie? (WYBL) is a breakthrough mental health program created by Jordan Axani based on the premise that each of us is living a big lie — and that it’s okay. We define a ‘big lie’ as, “something immense that we hide from the world, even though it defines us.” Often it’s the source of the anxiety, worthlessness, hopelessness and pain that we carry around every day. Extensive research shows that when we feel like we are living a lie, we are far more prone to clinical depression, less able to exercise rational thought and have a much harder time paying attention. Our brains go into a sustained state of panic as we wear masks on social media, at home, at work, and within our relationships. So, what if we shared these lies with those around us? Well, it might change our lives.

Learning Outcomes:
  • A deep understanding of the of the pain and fears that their peers are experiencing
  • A normalization and acceptance of their own struggles
  • An inspired belief that sharing their struggles does not lead to shame
  • A toolkit to encourage peer support and awareness of local mental health resources
  • A newfound realization that none of us are ever alone
Speaker Bio:
Jordan Axani has a long track-record of bold acts that move and inspire people. Whether becoming one of the youngest people to bike across Canada, or being at the centre of the most viral human-interest story in the internet’s history (the tale of a Canadian man giving away a plane ticket that earned 4.5-billion media hits), he now uses that entrepreneurial and creative spark to attack the biggest problems facing our mental wellness. His casual approach, unique background, and immense vulnerability have made Axani a sought-after speaker on mental wellness, leadership, and change management. He shows organizations and individuals how to have simple, relatable, and actionable conversations on mental wellness and is a master at helping people take off the “masks” they wear around others. With this, he helps companies learn how to encourage trust among staff, and build safe and desirable workplace cultures that attract and retain top talent.