Q: What are the Outstanding Achievement Awards?

A: You can nominate a member who has developed an innovative product/service, maintained a superior safety record or volunteered time to benefit the community. Nominate them for an Outstanding Achievement Award by August 9, 2019.

Q: When are Outstanding Achievement Awards due?

A: The Outstanding Achievement Award submission deadline is August 9, 2019.

Q: How do I nominate someone for an Outstanding Achievement Award?

A: Read the submission requirements on each nomination form to prepare your submission. You may need to provide reference letters and a biography as well as the nomination form.

Q: Can I nominate myself for an Outstanding Achievement Award?

A: You cannot nominate yourself for an Outstanding Achievement Award. However you can nominate any VRCA Member for an award. If you work for a VRCA Member company you can nominate them for an project (eg – Innovation & Productivity Award).

Q: When are the Outstanding Achievement Award winners announced?

A: The winners are announced at the awards gala on October 28, 2019.

Q: How far back may I submit a project?

A: You may submit a project as far back as 2 years from the current project entry deadline. For 2019 submissions, the deadline is April 8, 2019, projects that have a completion date between April 30, 2017 and April 30, 2019 will be eligible.

Q: Are self-nominations accepted?

A: Yes, self-nominations are accepted for VRCA members.

Q: May I submit more than 1 project per year?

A: Yes, there is no limit on how many projects a company can submit. Each project can only be submitted once by the general contractor.

Q: I’ve submitted my project – what’s next?

A: The judges will review all the project submissions after April 30. If the committee believes a site visit is deemed beneficial for the final decision, you will be contacted to schedule a site visit. Otherwise, please be prepared to present your project at the VRCA Vancouver Office in June. Companies will be notified after May 10, 2019 for an appointment.

Q: Won’t a PowerPoint presentation limit my chances of winning, compared to a site visit experience?

A: No, a presentation will not limit your chances of winning; several major projects that were presented as PowerPoint presentations have been awarded.

Q: After my project has been seen by the judges, what comes next?

A: Three Silver Awards per category are decided by the judges. The winners are announced on August 8, 2019. One of the three Silver winners will be awarded the Gold Award at the gala event on October 28.

Q: As a Silver Winner, what are the promotional benefits?

A: Prior to the event, you will be listed in our press releases and featured in the Construction Business Magazine.

Q: On the Trade Contractor and Manufacturer/Supplier project entry forms, which amount should be entered in the ‘Final Contract Price’?

A: Please enter the value of your contract portion of the project, not the value of the project as a whole.

Q: I am a Trade Contractor (or Manufacturer/Supplier) who has been nominated by a General Contractor – what are my responsibilities?

A: Please prepare a 1 page fact sheet outlining your contributions to the project. Please read the ‘Criteria and Conditions’ document under the ‘Entry Forms’ tab for a better understanding of what information the judges are looking for. Please make sure to have this document ready and have multiple photocopies with you at the time of your project presentation.